This morning, I have been digging into Romans 12:1. I memorized it as a young teenager and have preached from it often as an adult. Here is a personal paraphrase.

“I strongly encourage each of you to consider all that God has done for you and then dedicate yourself to God as a living and holy sacrifice. This is the only acceptable worship and response to God.”

The New Testament writers connected the sacrifice for sin in the Old Testament with Jesus. He was the perfect sacrifice that never needed to be repeated. Jesus was also the High Priest dedicating himself as a sacrifice. The result is that we don’t need another sacrifice for our sin, or another high priest to intercede for us. JESUS DID AND DOES IT ALL! The salvation story doesn’t stop here, it involves us. We are called to dedicate our lives as a sacrifice in response to Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us. Our sacrifice is not in order to be forgiven, Jesus did that. Our sacrifice is a living sacrifice of worship. This worship isn’t a once a week event, but a 24/7, lifetime activity. It involves every part of us. This worship doesn’t just take place in “church,” it takes place at home, school, work, in the neighborhood, on the ball field and everywhere. We are the church! This worship involves a life of service and compassion to others as well as the willingness to share our story of faith. In response to Easter I pray that you will dedicate yourself to God as a living sacrifice!